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Use the Directory to find members alphabetically by name or use the box below to search for a member directly. There are 67 HR-PAL members.

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user iconnevre bookerProject Participant
user iconLetha BrooksProject Guest
user iconSherelle CoppedgeProject Guest
user iconJi Hyon Mun DengCo-PI
user iconKim Descoteaux (MSPnet Testing)Project Participant, Project Guest
user iconKatrishia EllisProject Participant
user iconAi Choo AsheProject ParticipantBethel High school
user iconElizabeth BattenProject Participant, Project GuestChesapeake Public Schools
user iconAaron BrushProject GuestChesapeake Public Schools
user iconKarin CollierProject ParticipantChesapeake Public Schools
user iconPaul (Chip) EmlerProject Participant, Project Guestchrsapeake public schools
user iconLeonard CarsonProject ParticipantDCHS
user iconCharles CaseyProject ParticipantHampton City Schools
user iconSan Antonio CrosbyProject ParticipantHampton High School
user iconJale AkyurtluPIHampton University
user iconShelley CadyProject ParticipantIndian River Middle School
user iconJoel BradshawProject ParticipantPaul D. Camp Community College
user iconShawn BurnsProject ParticipantSpratley Gifted Center
user iconMaila Brucal HallareProject GuestThomas Nelson Community College
user iconLisa BoettcherProject ParticipantWestern Branch High Chesapeake