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HR-PAL Members

Use the Directory to find members alphabetically by name or use the box below to search for a member directly. There are 67 HR-PAL members.

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user iconRimma FeygelsonProject Participant, Project GuestTNCC
user iconMike ForrestProject ParticipantPaul D. Camp CC
user iconPat FranklinProject Guest
user iconMerita FrazierProject Participant
user iconVivian GrieseProject ParticipantCurriculum Leader
user iconTracey GuidaProject ParticipantBethel HS
user iconJim HamblettGreat Bridge Middle School
user iconMartha HarrisonProject ParticipantPaul D Camp Community College
user iconRegenia HarrisProject ParticipantLindsay Middle School
user iconGertrude HenryProject ParticipantHampton University
user iconAshley HoffmanProject Participant, Project GuestHCS
user iconCarolyn HolmesProject ParticipantCurriculum Leader
user iconClaudette HumbleProject GuestHampton City Schools
user iconDONNA IRVINGProject ParticipantChesapeake Public Schools